Do you know that you have a soul?

A readers’ response could be divided on this issue. This is because we pretty much live in a secular world where everyday living and working does not give much space to spiritual thought in what we see, feel or do each day. The response could be divided because many readers today are self-professed atheists or non-believers in the sense that they do not believe that there is a higher power out there guarding their lives and influencing what they do each day and the paths they take.

Whether you believe in a god or not, there is a stronger argument that prevails. It is even scientific to a degree. This suggests that every human being, whether they believe or not, is in possession of a soul. So what is to suggest that when you go in for psychological evaluation or life skills training someday, you will be given some soul coaching as well? This may suggest that when this is done, you will be given a better understanding on how the soul works. Even more so, you may be given an acute tutorial on how your own soul is intended to guide you in your every day personal and work life.

Those who are essentially believers, practicing their faith in a great many ways, conventionally or naturally, could suggest that this form of personal, one to one coaching is also an intimate form of spiritual guidance. It remains both contentious and sensitive to introduce secularly inclined men and women to faith based practices, religious or spiritual, so perhaps the scientific gateway can be seen as a safer entry towards making personal and professional improvements.

Either way, there is always room for improvement through introspection, and what better way to this through professional guidance.