How to Locate a Suitable Oregon Comedy Club

If you are in Oregon and want to find a suitable comedy club to go and have a laugh then you should follow this outline so you can make better informed entertainment decision. Start listing each and every individual comedy club in Oregon.  After you have established the names of all the different comedy clubs that are currently in Oregon you will need to start reviewing them individually.

Steps to Take When Screening Prospective Comedy Clubs

  • What type of comedians does the club host? There are clubs that have the same comedians perform on rotation while others have improv night where they bring in new comedians for everyone to enjoy. If there is a particular comedian you enjoy then you should focus on the clubs that have those comedians on their roster.
  • Does the comedy club have a well established reputation? Comedy is subjective so you want to narrow down your list of prospects to only include comedy clubs that have a great reputation. By focusing on comedy clubs that have a great reputation you are less likely to be disappointed.
  • Does the comedy club have alternative forms of entertainment or is comedy their primary source of entertainment? There is no right or wrong answer for this question but if the comedy clubs focuses primarily on comedy there is a good chance you will have a more pleasant experience.
  • Is the comedy family friendly? If you have a family or hosting a work related function you want to provide your guests with family friendly comedy. While you may enjoy comedy that is off the beaten path your guests may not. If you want to play it on the safe side then look for comedy clubs that have family friendly comedians.

If you follow the suggestions we prepared you should be able to find the best comedy club Oregon has to offer so begin reviewing them now.