Online, who’s in the mood for real love?

Look up the word love and you’ll find that thousands of folks out there are in the mood for some form of love or another. But online, who’s really in the mood for real love? Look that up, and perhaps the crowd gets smaller, but yes, they’re still out there, there’s plenty of folks out there looking for real love. And why not, there’s actually plenty where love came from and isn’t that what makes the world go round. Why not be in love?

It’s a great deal better than kicking and fussing and fighting all of the time. So, you’re ready for real love, sleeves all rolled up, a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates all ready to go. Not so quick. Don’t go burning your date money so quickly. Wouldn’t you rather just hang about for a little longer and find the right one? Then maybe, just maybe, you can find yourself a real swell partner, very nice to talk to, and maybe there’s a chance of real love.

Good looks will be just a bonus. And if it’s really real love, money will never matter. The trick is finding the darn thing. Forget about internet dating websites, unless you’ve been at it for months already and you reckon you know what you’re doing. And this begs the question, why are you still there, and why are you still looking. Haven’t you found real love yet? Just wait a second. Read this before you go. Maybe you ought to give a real love psychic a try before you go any further.

Maybe it’s time to rely on others who really care to help you out for a while, instead of sitting up all night burning the midnight oil.