Planning a Great First Date in NYC

The dating scene has changed a lot with the development of dating apps. If you want to have a memorable first date that would lead into a second date, you should consider taking your date to the most entertaining salsa classes NYC has available.

Benefits of Going to a Salsa Class for a First Date

Both you and the person you are meeting may feel a little apprehensive just sitting down having “coffee”. The Salsa dancing gives you both an activity you can talk about while practicing the dance moves. Along with talking about the dance moves you can hold your date in your arms and they can hold you. Simple hand holding can reduce the anxiety that is common on a first date. Along with addressing the anxiety you will get a sense of your dates overall level of physical fitness. Salsa dancing is fun but it also provides quite the cardio workout.

After the dance class has finished you and your date could have a meal together or agree to meet again for drinks. Whatever you two decide the salsa dancing is a great way to kick start a conversation plus if you coordinated the date you will earn brownie points for being “fun”.

Selecting the Right NYC Salsa Dance Classes

You will need to find salsa classes that are geared towards people who are on dates and not experienced dancers. You want the experience to be laid back and fun so avoid dance classes for advanced dancers that could make you and your date feel awkward. By putting a little thought and effort into planning these events both you and your date will have a more pleasant experience which should make getting to know one another much easier. Now that you know how to plan a great first date in NYC you should find someone to go dancing with.