Upgrading my drum kit to a tama

After playing drums for about five years on a kit that was not exactly high quality or in pristine condition, I decided that it was about time for me to upgrade my kit in order to make sure that I had the best possible sound.  I had been playing with the same band for a couple of years, and we were now doing lots of gigs, so I wanted something that would sound and look great on stage.  Of course, my budget was a little bit limited, so when I came across the tama imperial star kit, I was pretty excited as it was a really nice kit that was on sale and would not end up costing me nearly as much as I had initially thought it would.  The sale price was nearly half of the retail price, which meant that I was actually getting huge savings on this kit.

Getting this particular kit at such a low price was not necessarily easy, though.  I had to search far and wide all across the internet in order to make sure that I was not paying more than my budget allowed.  There were a number of websites that had nice kits, but they were all out of my price range.  After browsing through many different websites, I was finally able to come across this particular kit that could be ordered over the internet, and so I jumped at the opportunity and made sure that I ordered the kit right away.

It is amazing how much better the entire band sounds now that I have a high quality drum kit to play on.  It is almost as if the band upgraded all of our instruments, but it is really just that I have better sounding drums.